The Double-Sided Grinder

A double-sided grinder can be a useful tool in both commercial and domestic settings. In particular, a dual-sided grinder is considered a powerful and versatile grinding machine that combines an oscillating grinding face with a rotating face that rotates counterclockwise and then counterclockwise again. The first rotating face typically is called a fixed face.

Doublesided Grinder

The second rotating face is commonly known as a variable face and has a separate auger attachment for grinding or chiseling attachments, a hand grip extending overhand and used to handle the workpiece, and an adjustable jaw for rotating the work piece. All of the attachments for the variable face can be either manual or motorized. In addition, the two faces can work independently of one another depending on the type of workpiece being used.

Dual-sided grinders are designed to produce excellent grinding results when cutting, peeling, polishing, sanding, honing, shaving, honing wheels, burrs, and abrasions. They are also useful in grinding wood, metal, ceramic, glass and paper products, rubber, plastic, ceramics, textiles, sandstone, granite, slate, limestone, marble, granite slabs, glass and granite blocks. Most grinders are equipped with blades that are diamond, stainless steel, chrome, and even ceramic coated.

There are two basic types of grinders, which include the reciprocating and the centrifugal. The former grinds and rotates by using a motor that is driven by a chain. The latter is capable of grinding both materials and other materials such as ceramics, sand, and quartz. Some double-sided grinders have an in-line motor. Although some models have separate motorized and manual controls, most use a single unit that can operate both manually and automatically.

Some grinders use a standard power cord; others require an extension cord to reach the lower level. Either way, the extension cord needs to be plugged into an outlet so it cannot be used for other purposes than grinding.

Getting the right kind of grinder is easy for any handyman or professional. An internet search of “dual-sided grinding machines” will yield plenty of websites that offer prices, models and specifications of these machines.

Buying the right kind of grinder depends on what kind of grinding your intended use is. If you are looking to simply make quick and smooth surfaces for rough and irregular work, then you should purchase a reciprocating unit.

On the other hand, if you intend to use the grinder for grinding wood or other hard materials, you should get a centrifugal grinder. However, some double-sided grinders are also capable of producing excellent finishes and are perfect for cutting and polishing metal surfaces.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a grinder is the availability of spare parts and service if necessary. A manual or motorized grinder may be more reliable than one that uses a motor.