A Simple Guide to Direct Drive Motor

A direct drive motor is one which uses the torque produced by a motor instead of any losses in the transmission. The transmission system is actually part of the whole system and there are two basic types of them – a planetary type and a shaft drive type. The former is designed to function more rapidly while the latter one can also be used for long distance running. It uses a gear system with two gears and is considered as the most reliable type of drive. It is capable of transmitting power over a long distance and is very suitable for vehicles used for long distances.

Direct Drive Motor

A planetary drive motor has the same components as the direct drive motor, but they are placed at the back of the motor. This type of motor is also very reliable but is also known to have trouble functioning in extreme temperatures or when the vehicle is driven at low speeds. They are more expensive than the direct drive motor and they are also prone to wear and tear. On the other hand, this type of motor is also known to be the best for use on vehicles that are used for a long period of time such as commercial trucks.

In a shaft drive motor, the rotation is transmitted via the shaft itself rather than through the transmission itself. Since the transmission is already part of the system, it is not susceptible to any problems and hence the shaft is responsible for transmitting power to the engine. It is less reliable compared to the other type of motors and hence it is also not as durable.

The other type of drive motor is known as the gear drive motor. This is also known as the permanent magnet motor because it works on the principle of magnetism. It does not require any changes in the transmission as well as no need to change gears to use the device.

Another advantage of the gear drive motor is that it is very reliable. It is able to work even if it is under extreme conditions and is also able to transmit power smoothly. It is also cost effective, which means that the cost is not very high. as compared to the permanent magnet motor.

A direct motor is also known to be the cheapest type of motor and hence it is a better option for people who are looking for an affordable type of motor. However, it does not provide good performance. because it is not capable of producing high torque and speed.