A/AI/S29 August 19, 1998Mr. Roan Fu-yawDirectorInternational DepartmentDirectorate General of PostsTaipei 10603, TaiwanREPUBLIC OF CHINADear SirRe International Express Mail Link between Jamaica and ChinaReference is made to your letter dated 4th June 1998 regardingthe captioned subject.This administration wishes to advise that an imbalance rate of 6SDRs is acceptable. Details regarding our EMS is attached. A te-ntative date for the commencement of the service between our co-untries could be 5th October 1998. If you are in agreement withthis date please confirm by facsimile number (876) 922-9449.Best wishes for a successful service.Yours sincerely (signature) CAROLLE HAINSLEY (MRS)For Postmaster GeneralAttchDirectorate General of PostsTaipei 10603, TaiwanRepublic of ChinaTel:886-(2)23921310-9Fax:886-(2)23513310Your reference Our reference Date87425018-037 September 15, 1998Dear Mrs. Hainsley:Thank you for your letter No. A/AI/S29 of August 19, 1998 conce-rning the international express mail link between Jamaica andTaiwan and your particulars of the EMS service.Regarding the maximum limits of size for EMS items, we would su-ggest the size limits, 1.5 meters for any one dimension, and 3meters (instead of 2 meters) for the length plus girth of an EMSitem be adopted. The larger size limits will meet the need ofmailing merchandise or items, according to our current situation.In the event that the above point meets with your concurrence,please confirm by a fax reply. Our fax number is (+886 2) 2391 8302. As to the date for the commencement of the service to be onOct. 5, 1998 is acceptable.In return, one copy of our EMS operational information will besent to you by airmail for your reference.We look forward to hearing from you soon.With best regard,Sincerely yours, (signature) Roan Fu-yawDirector International DepartmentA/AI/29 September 21 1998Mr. Roan Fu-YawDirectorInternational DepartmentDirectorate General of PostsTaipei 10603, TaiwanREPUBLIC OF CHINADear SirRe International Express Mail Link between Jamaica and TaiwanReference is made to your facsimile dated 1998 September 15 reg-arding the above subject.The requirement of 3 meters for the size of merchandise is acce-ptable. Your request for the larger size suggests that there isa reasonable demand for Express Mail Service from Taiwan to Jam-aica. We therefore look forward to a successful service.Yours sincerely (signature)CAROLLE HAINSLEY (MRS)FOR Postmaster General1.The Name of Service: E M S “JAMAICA POST”2.The Type of Service: On demand, Programmed (when available)3.Whether goods are acceptable: Yes4.Maximum limits of weight Maximum length -1.5 metres and the sum and size: of the length and the largest circumferen- ce measured in another direction other than the length must not exceed 2m.Maximum weight -30ki- lograms.5.The charges set: N/A6.The countries from which we See list attached receive EMS items:7.The places in the country Kingston Metropolitan where the service is operat- AreaCentral – Kingston ed: Sorting Office Half-Way- – Kingston Tree P O 10Liguanea – Kingston 6 P O Constant – Kingston 3 Spring P O8.The Office of Exchange to Kingston, Kingston numb- which the mail may be sent ered Districts,Zones 1 – and the area served by it: 20, District Post Offices (see list attached)9.Days of Delivery: Mondays to Fridays10.The latest time of accepta- Same Day – 1:00p.m. nce of an item at the offi- The following – 7:00p.m. ce of exchange for it to be day delivered: The next day – Friday but one 2:00 p.m. to Satu- rday 12:00 midnight11.The time taken for Customs Subject to – 48 hours clearance of items: Customs Duty Not liable to – 1 hour Customs Duty12.Minimum time required for 12 hours transit dispatches:13.Customs Declaration Forms: Documents-C1 Customs label Merchandise-C2/ CP3,. Despatch Notes (CP 2)14.Items subject to Customs Addressees will be noti- Duty: fied within theStandard Delivery Time.15.Acceptance of advice of de- Yes livery or equivalent servi- ce:16.The amount requested per 6 SDRs additional item in the eve- nt of imbalance in exchange :