On October 3, 1984, the Coordination Council for North AmericanAffairs(CCNAA) and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) ente-red into a comprehensive new “Agreement Between AIT and CCNAARelating to the Establishment of a Joint Standing Committee onCivil Nuclear Cooperation,” (herein referred to as the “Princip-al Agreement”) relating to technical cooperation and collaborat-ion in a number of fields related to the civil use of atomic en-ergy. The Principal Agreement was renewed on October 19, 1989,f-or an additional 5 years. Pursuant to the Principal Agreement and subject to its termsand conditions,except as otherwise agreed under the provisionsof this cooperative program,AIT and CCNAA have agreed to undert-ake a cooperative program to study soil–structure interactioneffects by collecting data at a site near Hualien,Taiwan. Thiscooperative program is listed as Item TP–NR–EP–O1 on the upd-ated Summary List of Projects. The Hualien project was initiatedand organized by EPRI with co–sponsorship of the Taiwan PowerCompany and other organizations from Japan and France. This cooperative program will be carried out in accordance w-ith the following paragraphs and will come into effect upon anexchange of letters between Principal Coordinators that have be-en designated by CCNAA and AIT in accordance with the PrincipalAgreement.1 Objective of the Cooperative Program The main purpose of the Hualien experiment is to provide ear-thquake-generated date against which analytical models can be c-hecked. This will be accomplished in part by constructing testmodels (of nuclear power plant structures) and deploying instru-ments in a stiff soil site in Hualien, Taiwan,where the strongmotion array network, SMART-2, will be deployed. EPRI,Taipowerand NRC are all contributing to the design and construction cos-ts. A steering committee will be established for approval of thedesign and other major decisions during the course of the proje-ct.2 Scope of Worka The AIT, through its agent the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commis- sion (USNRC),will periodically review the progress of the des- ign and construction of the test models. This will consist of a review of design calculations,construction drawings and ins- trumentation layout. It is anticipated that this will require at least one visit to Taiwan by one person from NRC, with the visit approximately 7 to 10 working days in duration. Additio- nal meetings,over of the course of the project, may be necess- ary in Taiwan, Japan or the United States.Travel costs, living expenses and salary will be borne by the parties who incurred them.b The AIT through its agent, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commis- sion (USNRC),will support the design and construction of test models by providing funds(U.S. $300,000.00) The full payment ( U.S. $300;000.00) shall be paid within 60 days after the exch- ange of letters between Principal Coordiantors of AIT and CCN- AA, and acceptance of the terms of the cooperative program by CCNAA.c Earthquake data collected at the Hualien project site during the course of the project will be provided to AIT by CCNAA for internal use by NRC and its project contractors. It is unders- tood that public release of these data would require prior ap- proval by CCNAA.d AIT will provide to CCNAA the results of any evaluations or a- nalyses of earthquake data and soil-structure interaction cal- culations performed by NRC and its contractors on the data pr- ovided by CCNAA. Similarly, CCNAA will provide to AIT the res- ults of any evaluation on analyses performed by any of its ag- ents.e Any expension of scope beyond that indicated above will requi- re consent of both parties.3 Duration and Terminationa This Joint Program shall enter into force upon signature and, subject to paragraph 3.b, shall remain in force for the durat- ion of the Principal Agreement unless extended by agreement of the parties.b Either party may withdraw from this arrangement after providi- ng the other party written notice 90 days prior to its intend- ed date of withdrawal.4 Disputes Collaboration under this Joint Program shall be in accordancewith the laws and regulations of the respective parties. All qu-estions related to the Joint Program arising during its term sh-all be settled by the parties by mutual agreement.ACCEPTANCE: 9/28[Signed] American Institute in Taiwan [Signed]Coordination Council for North American Affairs